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ID Theft and Legal Protection

ID Theft

Due to the never-ending data breaches, and the personal time, stress and injustice that ID theft victims often face - I am on a mission to help those interested in proactively protecting themselves with a powerful and affordable solution:

IDShield provides powerful 24/7 proactive monitoring, and is the only provider where a simple phone call puts you in touch with a dedicated licensed fraud investigator from KROLL, the World’s Top Investigative Firm who will provide complete identity restoration services – all backed by an industry leading $5 Million Service Guarantee.

The most comprehensive ID theft solution to protect your household is also surprisingly affordable. You can enroll here

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Legal Protection

LegalShield provides a dedicated law firm on “speed dial” to help you navigate a variety of everyday issues such as reviewing contracts for mortgages, car loans, traffic tickets or apartment leases. They’ll also prepare your Will, assist in credit disputes, cell phone contracts or answer any other legal-related questions you might have.

Everyone deserves legal protection. And now, with LegalShield, everyone can afford it.

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