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Medical Travel Insurance

Medical coverage for foreign travel is a much-misunderstood issue with the risks often overlooked. When you need health care on a cruise or in a foreign country, be prepare to provide your credit card if you do not have foreign health insurance. In addition, in some areas, medical care is simply unavailable.

Often, your travel agent will offer some coverage. Keep in mind; they are travel experts, not insurance experts. Their offer is typically an inexpensive plan that covers the basics.

The problem is that you may have a critical illness event: Heart attack and stroke are the big risks. While young people believe they are invincible, the odds of heart attack or stroke are actually significant: one out of 4 before the age of 65.

Finally, what happens if you have a serious health issue and you need to be transported (as a patient) back to the United States? Here are some average medical repatriation cost issues for travel to the US:

Country Air Ambulance Nurse Escorts
France $57,300 $22,193
Mexico $28,809 $8,934
UK $55,950 $21,852
Italy $64,625 $26,561

As you can see, the costs can be frightening. Fortunately, the cost for insurance to cover these risks is quite affordable. If you are planning an overseas trip, give me a call to discuss the type of international health insurance that will best meet your needs at an affordable cost.