Explanations of Benefits (EOB) and policy packets and might make total sense to an insurance agent. But to most of my clients, both documents are like reading a foreign language. To help you interpret the need-to-know portions of these important documents, here are three key points to reference:

1. Insurance definitions... often the terms used to discuss insurance can be confusing. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has created an excellent online glossary that you should bookmark at https://content.naic.org/consumer_glossary

2. Your "EOB" (Explanation of Benefits) is not a bill. Although “THIS IS NOT A BILL” appears in bold, red font at the top of each EOB, many still submit money to their insurance carrier and then their customer care team needs to file and reimburse these funds. If you still have questions, please know that anything labeled “Explanation of Benefits'' — regardless of the service or provider name it refers to — requires no payment or action. If you like, I can also email you a diagram of a sample EOB to help you understand all the elements on the document. Just email me at [email protected]

Reading Your EOB

3. Your Medicare Supplement insurance policy packets arrive with ID cards, but you may have overlooked them. If you can’t find the ID card, most of the materials are bound together in your original welcome packet, but the address page, welcome letter, and ID card are loose inserts. If you still can’t find the ID card, please just call me at 844-397-0606 and I will assist you.