People often do not understand that their prescription drug plan may NOT provide them with the least costly price for every prescription. If you have a costly prescription, I urge you to first price your prescription using the three discount drug programs listed below as well as CostPlus as these are the easiest alternatives to use. If none of those result in a worthwhile savings, then look at Canadian Pharmacy Checker - and by all means, call me for assistance if necessary.


Chances are you have seen the GoodRx tv commercials, a display full of their prescription discount cards at your doctor’s office, urgent care lobby, or veterinarians office, or have even been told about GoodRX directly from your doctor, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, friend, or family member. But, what is GoodRx, how does it work, and can YOU save money on your prescription drugs? Check prices below.


Then, there is CleverRx. CleverRx advertising states that they often beat out other discount cards. Key word: "Often." So, I would compare CleverRx with other alternatives and choose the card that offers you the lowest cost drugs in your area. Note please that GoodRx Data collects your information and sells it. CleverRx says they do not.



rxless searches millions of medication prices and coupons from trusted prescription savings programs. Unlike other pharmacy offers that inflate the fees, charge monthly subscription fees, or ask you to pay up front so you will not have the opportunity to compare prices, all of the offers listed on rxless are free to use. There is a small fee included in the price that is split with us only when the offer is used. We do not make money by selling your data or by spamming you with advertising like others.


RxPass from Amazon

Prime users in the U.S. can pay a monthly flat fee of $5 to get as many generic versions of medications as they need. The service will initially cover generic drugs for 80 common ailments — they include, for example, Losartan (the generic for the hypertension drug Cozaar) and Sertraline (the generic for antidepressant Zoloft) and hair-growth pills.

The 80 conditions were selected, so to speak, to make it an offer attractive to a wide base of potential customers. More than 150 million people in the U.S. already take one or more of the medications in the RxPass offering.




Learn about your prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. Includes side effects, dosage, special precautions, and more.

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PharmacyChecker helps people find the lowest prices on prescription medication among licensed U.S. and international pharmacies.

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Mark Cuban, co-founder of the online pharmacy Cost Plus Drugs, believes “some industries just need to be disrupted." Cost Plus Drugs serves as a proof-of-concept in re-thinking the decades-old pharmaceutical industry. Launched earlier this year, Cost Plus Drugs is based on a direct-to-consumer model where the company negotiates directly with manufacturers, effectively side-stepping Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

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